Management Committee

Management committee – The committee consists of twelve members consisting of a Chairman, President, Vice President, Honorary secretary and Jt. Secretary, treasurer. The committee will have Seven member. All officials and members of managing committee are elected each year by at the annual general meeting held In the month of Sep to elect the club members.

Mr. Sanjeev Agrawal
President 2023-24

Mr. Surendra Viajyvargiya
President 2024-25

Mr Animesh Jain
Vice President

Kaushal Bansal

Jaideep Singh Hada
Jt Secretary

Manish Raniwala
Jt Secretary

Kapil Jain

Executive Members

Mr. Akshat Thakar

Mr. Amit Bansal

Mr. Anshul Kasliwal

Mr . Ganesh Gupta

Mr. Navneet Bansal

Mr. Pawan Mundra

Kapil Jain

Mr. Ravi Goyal

Mr. Swapnil Dadhich

Mr. Tarun Modi

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